Hail Damage Repair

Your car was just damaged by a hail storm. What do you do now? Don’t worry. ICT PDR can help!! Just follow the 3 steps below and read our hail FAQ’s page to better understand how the hail repair process works. And by the way, hail damage claims do not jeopardize your insurance standing.

Step #1

Contact your insurance company and initiate a claim. Either a claims adjuster will come to you or send you to a catastrophe center. Have your vehicle looked at inside a building, under a tent, or in a shaded area. Dents caused from hail damage can be difficult to see in the sun’s glare. You want an accurate damage estimate.

Step #2

After the damage assessment, your insurance company will issue you a check along with a written estimate. Your check will be based on the claim amount minus your deductible. If you have a lien on the vehicle, then the check will be payable to you and the lien-holder and you will need their signature on the check.

Step #3

Contact ICT PDR. Before we schedule your hail damage repair, ICT PDR will assess your damage, and give you another free written repair estimate. At that time, we can schedule the repair work. Most hail damage can be repaired in 1-2 days. If for some reason our estimate is higher than the amount the insurance company paid, we will contact your insurance company for a supplement to cover the additional costs. Supplements are common because some people take the insurance check and never repair the vehicle so insurance companies often bid lower initially.


Warning: Paint less Dent Repair (PDR) is an art and not just a service. The technician’s overall training, experience and knowledge determine the quality of your repair. A lower price may not give you the quality you are expecting, remember, Its your vehicle, NOT the insurance company.

Be Alert To Fly By Night PDR Companies


Beware of SCAMS!! Over the last couple of years we have seen a huge rise in dent repair scams. These scams have been going on all over Wichita and Dodge City and in other parts of the country. Please take a minute to learn more about this very costly scam so you don’t become the next victim.

We have talked with several customers and listened to their unfortunate horror stories, below is a brief overview of what they told us.

Most of the time the scam artist are brave enough to knock on the vehicle owners front doors, if not, then they are approaching victims at a local retail store or near an ATM machines. These men claim to be mobile body shop mechanics or mobile paint less dent repair technicians that work for a dent company and are doing side work for extra cash. To make you feel even more secure, they give business cards of the company they “claim” to work for. They might become a little more pushy and continue to offer the work for very low prices. They can be very convincing.

After 45 minutes they say they are done, your car may appear to have tiny pin or drill holes in it or perhaps it has a gray muddy paste smeared over it. They tell you the muddy paste has to set up for 24 hours and tomorrow just to wash it off and presto it will look brand new! When they see your not convinced they become more forceful and a little intimidating while asking for the cash. Now it’s decision time, either call the cops or give in and hope for the best. In some case we have heard stories of the scam artists demanding to follow you to a local ATM.

Don’t ever trust anyone to work on your vehicle without proper identification, uniform and an invoice. An invoice is an agreement and proof of work. Never pay anyone until the job is completed to your satisfaction. And when in doubt, call the phone number and confirm their identity. Most legitimate businesses have logo-ed truck, signs, e-mail, websites, business cards and most important, “referrals”.